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Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Devin. I'm so excited to create a safe, supportive space focused on helping you create and grow your brand. weDaBBle was born in an effort to finally pursue my passions of marketing strategy and content creation. Over the years I've acquired skills in many different avenues of marketing, so I joke and say that I "dabble" in most of them. Can't wait to grow with you!

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My Story

To share a little bit about myself, I have over 8 years of digital marketing experience. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Consumer Behavior and a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Additionally I have skills in video editing, website design, content creation, social media strategy, among others!

My favorite TV shows include Friends, The Office, Catfish & The Bachelor series. My favorite place I've travelled is the Amalfi Coast, Italy, and I am a proud dog mom of two!

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